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It's one of the cornerstones of my teaching philosophy to tailor my approach to each student based on their needs and goals, rather than rely just on expertise to determine what's best for my students

Sueyun H.

"Fedor is very passionate and creative musician.
I really enjoyed working with him. I learned
new way to shift notes, different way to use
the bow and rather focus on the sound itself.
He is very patient and very detailed. He is very encouraging teacher and a good mentor.

Kristine L.

“Fedor is an excellent diagnostician when it comes to the student's needs in terms of improving their technique, both bow and left hand.  He is a 
well-rounded musician who can not only play    very well, he can clearly explain and effectively demonstrate correct technique, teach music theory, and is genuinely devoted to helping
the student improve."

Alex A.

"Friendly, knowledgeable, great with my kid.  She learned a ton and was delightedly chatting about her new teacher on the ride home."

Ayanna K.

“Our lessons were virtual and I was a tad bit nervous because it was my first time doing lessons online, but Fedor has a great set up and really knows his technology to screen share sheet music as well as instruct you to position yourself to the camera so he can correct your posture.”

Julian T.

“I really enjoyed my first initial lesson with Fedor, and look forward to becoming a regular student learning violin and how to master it with him. Even with current conditions which affect going out in public, we had a virtual call and I received immense value from it."

Hui Z.

“Fedor is a professional violin player. He had a lot experience playing violin. He took class seriously. Before the first class, he talk on the phone to see if it is a right fit."

Jan-Christine J.

“I felt humbled and honored to work as a very beginning violin student with Mr. Fedor Ouspensky."

Jerry M.

“Very good violin teacher. Dedicated to his craft. Great introduction to the world of violin.
It's definitely about as hard an instrument as is possible to learn but you'll surely gain a solid foundation from him."

Catherine L.

“Fedor did a fantastic job with my teenage son in just a few weeks of lessons. He is technically very strong and gives good advice to students, he has a clear understanding of each individual's strengths and areas of improvement. He is flexible and very supportive. My son who has had a few teachers before, loves working with Fedor."

Yasemin A.

“Fedor is fantastic! He's very flexible in both time and teaching. I find that I have trouble learning without knowing the "why" behind every detail of what I'm doing. Fortunately, Fedor is so patient and knowledgeable that I always leave each session feeling more confident and excited to play. He pays close attention to my priorities and makes sure to give me resources I can use between sessions so that I'm always learning and always engaged. :)"

Abhishek A.

“He is great.  Very professional,
and is great violinist."

Joseph U.

“Took out time to help me get my personal violin for the classes.  He's very patient,
has loads of experience and he does
music full time."

Bruce W.

“Mr. Fedor is a very patient and
responsible teacher!"
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